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AKC Agility Show February 4 & 5 ~ Public welcome to come see the fun!
Andrea Dexter Contact Workshop - Part III

Current events information is posted by date directly below
General information follows and is posted alphabetically

25 & 26

Open for registration!
Andrea Dexter ~ Contacts Workshop Part 3
Registration is now open for Part 3 of Andrea's Contact Training Workshop!  Teams that participated in the December workshop will have priority for working sports for Part 3.   

The format has changed slightly.  The baby dog group will continue with the two hour, 4 handling teams, format during the morning session (8AM - 10AM) on both Saturday and Sunday.  This will enable Andrea to continue working on individual issues and foundation skills at appropriate equipment height as well as the use of various training aides.

The remaining 12 working teams will be combined as one big group beginning around 10:30 until 12:30.  Thirty minute lunch break and then continue from 1 to 5 PM.  The direction of the session will be determined based on where everyone is at. Skill building, intensity and energy issues, discrimination, lateral distance, course strategies, games and competition-like setting and more will be covered.  Expect contacts to be at full height.

Registration Form
(click here)
16 Working Teams ~ (price includes attendance all day)
Auditors ~ unlimited

 Contact Nancy
Salt Lake Elementary School
  1131 Ala Lilikoi St.
On street parking.
Don't park in the school's parking lot.
 Saturday Time Slots
  8:00 -10:00 Baby Dogs ~4 Working Teams
10:30-5:00 Twelve Working Teams
12:30-1:00 Lunch Break

General information follows and is posted alphabetically
Information on activities in January & February are listed above by dates

HAHA holds AKC agility competition in February, May and September. The dates, and premiums  can be found in two locations, AKC Show page and our Calendar page. The closing dates are listed on the Calendar page.

For dates and Premiums of all AKC, CPE and NADAC agility shows in Hawaii check out our Calendar page. Show dates are marked with "
 S  " so they are easily found.  more info

A word from Mary C., (Show Secretary): Hawaiian Airlines is offering "Visit A Neighbor Island Special".  This might be the perfect time to go to another island's agility show.  Airfare is $69 each way and there are a few restrictions so read the fine print carefully. 

Here's the link: http://www.hawaiianair.com/neighborislandtravelplan/ 

At our General Membership Meeting on December 3, 2011, awards were presented for titles earned during the year.  Congratulations to all!  Thank you Wanda and Vicki for all the hard work handling awards throughout the year. 



Check out what's happening on the Big Island, agility shows and Stacey Perdot workshop.









Classes are scheduled from January to November.  We have changed our format and are offering two sessions of classes, instead of three, in 2012.  We are also including Fun Matches as part of our program.  Our educational curriculum changes from one session to the next so be certain to check what is being offered.

Our training calendar is divided into 2 session:
January - April
July - November

Registration ~
Saturday May 10 ~ Members
Saturday July 14 ~ Public & Members
Please check back for classes offered, time and possible date change.

Questions regarding registration.

Links for more information
Class dates for the entire year.
Information on Classes being offered.
Information on Registration (what to bring, cost, location, etc.)
Registration Form.
Training location for Saturday.
Training location for Sunday.

For additional agility dog programs offered on island:  Go to link page.



This year's Toy Drive was a great success!  A heartfelt thank you to all who generously contributed.  Special thanks goes out to Wendy and Gary for making sure we followed through with our good intentions to donate toys to the Humane Society and thank you to our new president, Sheila C. for delivering the toys!

Read about our successful toy drives and Christmas bake sale in years past.

The week prior to an agility show we offer Show N Go!  This is an organized course run open to our members and associate members. We will offer Excellent and Novice classes in FAST, Standard and JWW.  All levels of training are welcome and encouraged to attend. The location of the course run is based on where the trial will be the following weekend (Salt Lake Site or our Enchanted Lake Training site). 

For future dates check our Calendar page to find out when we'll play. You can also find the location and date of the training sites under Saturday or Sunday Training.


The demo on July 7 at the Assets school was a great success!  The children loved it, the dogs loved it and everyone had fun.  Thank you Jill for organizing the event and a big thank you to all who joined in and  helped out.



April 28



See calendar for proposed date.

FUN FAIR April 14
Mark your calendars for the annual Fun Fair at our training site, Salt Lake Elementary School.  It will be our fifth year of helping and as always it will be fun manning the game booths and getting to know some of the parents and children.  Christi will update us on schedule and plans for the fun filled day.
 MEETINGS Board Members
President: Sheila C. Vice President: Michael G.  Secretary: Christi T. Treasurer: Paul N. Directors: Stan L., Scot S., Arlene W.

Dates and times of Board Meetings may be obtained from the President.
GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS                                         
  May August December

Information on membership can be found on our About Us page and Membership page.  Membership renewal is June of each year and our next invitation for membership will be at the end of this training session.  New members will be voted in at our August General Membership Meeting. 

For more information click here.

Contact Us


April 12

On May 9, 2011 HAHA did an agility demonstration, at the annual Pet Expo. As always it was a winner with the crowds! 

Pet Expo is a yearly event held at Neal Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, where vendors, veterinary clinics and animal clubs come together for two days of focusing on our pets. It's a chance to ask questions, see the various breeds of dogs, cats, and birds available in Hawaii.  Sample and purchase the latest foods and products on the market, have your pet groomed and much more. 

The annual Pet Walk with the Hawaiian Humane Society is scheduled for October 2, 2011 at Ala Moana was a great success!  Thank you to Ron and all that participated to make this day special for all animals. 

HAHA's August 2011 General Membership Meeting  hosted our annual "School Supply Drive."  We encouraged our members to purchase gift cards of any amount from stores such as "Office Max" or "Office Depot".  These were especially appreciated as they enabled teachers to purchase supplies specific to their students needs. Traditional school supplies such as paper, pencils, crayons, markers, tablets, were welcomed. Through our continued generosity we have hopefully made life a little easier for the children and teachers at Salt Lake Elementary School.



We will no longer announce the cancellation of classes  here.  Instead each instructor will cancel his or her own class through email or phone calls.  Ask your instructor what their plan is for announcing the cancellation of your class.

Guidelines:  If the weather on your side of the island is yucky or the weatherman says, possible rain in the islands, then maybe you should check email, phone messages, or call your instructor for update on class plans.



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